Where to start with Lucene 4?

If you are new to Lucene, like me, and you are struggling to find documentation, or, better, you’re finding too much documentation… this is what I did to find out what this is about…

1.- Read this.
2.- Do this example. I have mavenized the project.
3.- Read this.
4.- Create your first project searching files from a local directory with the classic IndexFiles and SearchFiles classes from Lucene, as advised in the previous point reading.
5.- Create your first project searching text from a local database tables content. You may want to read this before.
6.- Address any possible performance issues.
7.- Put Luke in your Lucene-life. This tool will let you query in your indexes a very friendly manner, among other things.
8.- To present results almost real time in an impressive fashion, give this a read.

For a more technical FAQ.

As any other framework, though, as much as you work with it, more confident you will feel. I am just a beginner, so I suppose that this will be only useful for you if you’re starting too. Feel free to point out the next steps that I (or others to whom this post is useful) should be doing (resources, etc…) if you are an expert.


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